Human Trafficking: a Law Enforcement Professional’s Perspective

What are some human trafficking issues in the Canadian and Ontario contexts? How do you recognize the role played by federal and provincial agencies in combating human trafficking? What are the signs of human trafficking from a law enforcement perspective, including: physical and behavioural indicators; signs of control and exploitation; common businesses used as fronts for human trafficking activities; and questions that can help you to uncover hidden signs of this crime? …and more


Debbie Pond

portrait photo of presenter Debbie Pond Debbie Pond was actively involved in volunteering in the many communities where she served during her 35 year (retired Oct 2013) career as an RCMP Officer. As a member of Defend Dignity’s Advisory Team, Debbie brings her breadth of experience as a front line officer and her fervent desire to advocate for change. Debbie is one of the founding members and Chair of the Board of Directors of u-r home, a not for profitorganization, whose vision is to establish safe homes for victims/survivors of human trafficking in York Region of Ontario. Debbie has served for a number of years on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Alopecia Areata Foundation and leads an adult support group.