Human Trafficking: a Healthcare Worker’s Perspective (Part 1)

What are the indicators of human trafficking, likely to be observed by healthcare professionals? What are some health issues and symptoms caused by conditions under which victims/survivors live and work? How can you intervene in a trauma-informed and culturally sensitive way with survivors of human trafficking as you encounter them in a healthcare setting? …and more


Helen Roos

portrait photo of presenter Helen Roos Helen Roos is owner and operator of Roos-Remillard Consulting Services which delivers issues-based research and strategic organizational planning and result-based project design and delivery services. Her firm, in collaboration with survivors of domestic sexual and labour exploitation and technical health or law enforcement experts, have delivered presentations and training on domestic sexual and labour exploitation to law enforcement, health and social service workers and the public since 2013. Contact Helen directly at or

Tara Leach

portrait photo of presenter Tara Leach Tara Leach is a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner (PHC-NP) and a SANE (sexual assault nurse examiner) trained nurse. She has been a member of the Ontario Network Sexual Assault and Partner Abuse Treatment Centers since 2003. In her current role Tara is the clinical lead for the Ottawa SADVTC program and is clinically responsible for the primary care needs of those who have been victims of sexual violence and partner violence.Tara Leach is a trainer for the provincial networks Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) annual nursing program. Tara has presented locally, nationally and internationally on various topics related to violence against women.