Leveraging Digital Technologies in the Fight to End Human Trafficking: Three Case Studies from Peru, Indonesia and India

With advancements in blockchain and traceability, dark web monitoring algorithms and whistleblowing tools, we are seeing more than ever the application of technology in monitoring human trafficking and forced labour across global supply chains. But technology is not a silver bullet and its application in the monitoring, prevention and mitigation of human trafficking has to consider the persons it aims to impact most - survivors.

In this session, Vera Belazelkoska, the Director of Programs at Ulula, will present the challenges and opportunities of technology to identify and prevent human trafficking considering accessibility, survivor-centric design, and actionable data. She will highlight 3 case studies where Ulula worked in collaboration with government, civil society and corporate actors to design and implement stakeholder engagement technologies to capture the risk of human rights abuses, including human trafficking, in three global supply chains - gold mines in Peru, palm oil plantations in Indonesia, and textile factories in India.

The session will introduce the audience to the following developments and applications of technology to fight human trafficking:

  1. Tools and tech currently changing the landscape - from blockchain to social media monitoring
  2. A survivor-centred approach to designing and implementing technological interventions to fight human trafficking
  3. Three case studies highlighting the role of multistakeholder collaboration, and the commonalities and differences present across value chains and geographics
  4. How can such tools be applied in the Canadian context: cautions and opportunities



Vera Belazelkoska

portrait photo of presenter Vera Belazelkoska Vera Belazelkoska is the Director of Programs at Ulula where she leads design and implementation of human rights monitoring programs for clients from the public, private and civil society sectors. She leads Ulula's strategic programs with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil and the Responsible Business Alliance. Vera has 10+ years of experience in international work, focusing on community engagement, financial inclusion and education in parts of Asia, Africa, Central and South America. She was a Rotary International Peace Scholar in Argentina and holds a Masters in Political Economy of International Development from the University of Toronto, and a specialization in Social Economy and Local Development from the University of Buenos Aires School of Economics. Vera sits on the management committee of the Commonwealth 8.7 Network and is passionate about developing transformative partnerships at company, grassroots and systems level.