Free Webinars on Human Trafficking

These webinars serve to complement the training, by taking an in-depth look at various aspects of Human Trafficking, as well as offer opportunities to participants to engage live with Subject Matter Experts in Human Trafficking. You can catch up any time with our recordings of the live webinar sessions. Just follow the respective link given below.


Two-Eyed Seeing and moving forward

SPEAKER:  Melissa (Mel) Compton

Broken Promises: Treaties and Historical legislation

SPEAKER:  Melissa (Mel) Compton

Colonization Impact on Increased Indigenous Presence in Human Trafficking

SPEAKER:  Melissa (Mel) Compton

Human Trafficking: A Survivor's Story

Speaker::  Harold D’Souza

How to Prevent Exploitation by Advancing Equality and Practicing Kindness

SPEAKER:  Talented young members of Aura Freedom's youth team

Preventing Trafficking by Unpacking Root Causes and Empowering Youth

SPEAKER:  Marissa Kokkoros

Leveraging Digital Technologies in the Fight to End Human Trafficking: Three Case Studies from Peru, Indonesia and India

SPEAKER:  Vera Belazelkoska

Human Trafficking: The Diasporic Network Approach and Empowering Communities through the Youth

SPEAKER:  Talija Koncar

Human Trafficking: The Diasporic Network Approach & the Ethnic Trap

SPEAKER:  Talija Koncar

Children and Labour at the Mohawk Institute Indian Residential School

Speaker:  Carlie Myke

Stories and signs: tales from the U.K. of the trafficking of men and boys for forced labour, with questions for Canada

Speaker:  Simon Chorley

Men and Masculinities: Rethinking the Rules that Delineate Masculinity -- a Conversation with Michael Kehler and Wali Shah

SPEAKERS:  Michael KehlerWali Shah

Exploring the Legal Frameworks which Separate Sex from Labour Trafficking

With:  Emily DixonJesse Beatson

Sex Work as Labour: Examining the Prosecution of Human Trafficking Through a Critical Lens

The Exploitation Spectrum – Assisting Workers to Know their Rights

Speaker:  Shelley Gilbert

Indigenous Men and Masculinities – Contemporary Predicaments, Alternate Conceptions

Speaker:  Dr. Robert Innes

How to Build a Transitional House

Speaker:  Julie Neubauer

Aboriginal Women & Girls and the Continuum between Gender-Based Sexual Violence and Human Trafficking

Speaker:  Dr. Dawn Lavell-Harvard

Human Trafficking: a Legal Professional‘s Perspective

Speaker:  Emily Dixon, J.D.

Human Trafficking: A Survivor’s Perspective

Speaker:  Simone Bell

Human Trafficking: a Law Enforcement Professional’s Perspective

Speaker:  Debbie Pond

Human Trafficking: a Healthcare Worker’s Perspective (Part 1)

Speakers:  Helen RoosTara Leach

Human Trafficking: a Healthcare Worker’s Perspective (Part 2)

Speakers:  Helen RoosTara Leach

Human Trafficking: Perspective of Professionals Working With Children

Speakers:  Jolene HeidaJill Foley