Online Training Initiative to Address

Human Trafficking


I just wanted to say thank you as I've been offered a role managing an outreach service for women who have been trafficked and your training course undoubtedly helped me get the job.

Angela Robinson

Extremely helpful training package on Ontario and Canada's current status on Human Trafficking. Highly recommend it for Social Service Providers, Law Enforcement and anyone who might be working with an HT victim not even realizing it.

Timea Nagy, Founder of Walk With Me Canada Victim Services

Bravo! Great Job! I have seen a lot of trainings over the years and this was by far the best! You and your team have done an amazing job on this training. I have bragged highly to LAHT at our last meeting and to a few friends about the comprehensiveness of this package. I have also already made plans on incorporating […] some of the sections especially [on] males and their experiences in my own training for new LAHT members.

Lisa Pierce – London Anti Human Trafficking Committee (LAHT)

I found the training very insightful and informative and was designed very well. I really liked the logical flow of the information, which was exactly how academics address it. I also was impressed with the resources and references to major cases that have been prosecuted. I think you and your team have done a great job. […] I really hope that public education and training like this increase awareness on the issue and help eliminate the problem.

Maryam Zafari – University of Toronto, Criminology Alumna

Congratulations on an excellent tool. I found the content to be very thorough and well laid out across the modules.

Helen Roos – Chair – Ottawa Coalition to End Human Trafficking

The quality of the content is excellent. I like how it's structured and I find it very simple and engaging, always relevant to the target audience and at the same time very accessible to anybody that would be interested in learning more about trafficked persons. I started playing it this morning and went through the 3 modules without getting bored at any point.

Training Participant – Pilot Test Group

I’d like to express my satisfaction. I found the training very rich, informative and complete. This training is essentially based on the right of every person to live free, with dignity and sheltered from violence. The tone, content, topics and themes of the training, the testimonies, the resources, and its in-depth nature make it the tool by excellence to fight human trafficking through awareness raising. Finally, it facilitates understanding by the different stakeholders of the stakes of human trafficking and how to make the right moves to help them.
At any rate, thank you for the quality of this unparalleled tool.

Adama Touré, Coordinator – La Maison, Shelter for Francophone Women

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