Online Training Initiative to Address

Human Trafficking

Our Team

MCIS Staff

Veronica Costea – project management, research, content development, instructional design
Dorian Chapeau – e-learning author, instructional design, web design, website development, translation quality control, technical support
Jhonattan Bonilla-Ramirez – e-learning author, instructional design, branding, video content development
Jack Xu – graphic design
Angie Meade – voice over
Gabriela Rodas – voice over
Kevin Monnin – subtitling


Sadjya Allab – voice over
Oscar Angarita – audio editing
Rachel Cadranel – reviser
Valérie Dailly - translator
Déborah Fournier – voice over
Miguel Hortiguela – voice over
Santiago Jauregui – audio editing
Julien Marie-Adolphe – voice over
Marie-Lyna Luc – translator, terminologist
Nicolas Pigrais - translator
Renaud Poulin - translator
Marie-Josée Savoie – voice over


Candace Joseph – research, transcription
Yennith Mina – research, transcription
Omkar Patel – research
Julie Ung – research, testing
Abhishek Vaidyanathan – research, transcription
Tanzina Zaman – research, transcription

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